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Intco Medical attracts global visitors at MEDICA 2017


Shandong Intco Medical (stock code: 300677) took part in and attracted global visitors at the MEDICA 2017 which was opened on local time Nov. 13, 2017 in Germany.

  The exhibition booth of Intco attracted a large number of customers.

The MEDICA, recognized as the world’s largest hospital and medical equipment exhibition, tops the medical treatment and trade fairs around the globe for its scale and influence. Every year, nearly four thousand exhibitors from over one hundred countries and nations participate in the event and more than 200,000 customers visit Duesseldorf for business cooperation. It is an international medical event that cannot be missed by the medical world and people engaged in the production, trading and sales of medical products.

Intco Medical is mainly specialized in the R&D, production and sales of care products including disposable medical gloves, wheelchairs, hot/cold therapy and electrodes, which are widely used by medical institutions and nursing homes as well as in household daily use and related industries. After years of development, Intco Medical has grown into a world leading supplier of medical care products with ten subsidiary corporations globally. The exhibition provides a chance for Chinese brands to show themselves to the world. Taking advantage of the event, Intco Medical showcased the world its latest achievements in global development and internationalization.

Since the opening of the exhibition, customers and distributors from all over the world visited the exhibition booth of Intco for business cooperation. Staff members of Intco introduced in detail their quality products, advanced technology and competitive industrial capacity. On the first single day, more than two hundred customers visited Intco’s booth.

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